Target Segment
  • High-end server
Form Factor
  • Extended ATX
  • Size: 12" x 13" (W x H)
Processor Support
  • Dual Intel® Xeon™ processors up to 2.80GHz with 512K L2 cache
  • ServerWorks GC-SL chipset
Front Side Bus
  • 533/400 MHz
  • Up to 4 GB ECC registered DDR-200/266 memory in 4 DIMM slots
  • Supports only registered ECC memory. Non-ECC or unbuffered memories are not supported.
I/O Expansion
  • 3 64-bit 33MHz PCI

  • 2 32-bit 33MHz PCI

Onboard Devices
  • Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) ver. 1.5 support
  • Adaptec 7902 dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI onboard
  • Zero-channel RAID support (Adaptec 2010S), card not included
  • Dual EIDE ports support Ultra DMA 100MB/s of Burst data transfer rate, supports UDMA Mode 5, PIO Mode 4 and ATA/100
  • 2 Intel 82540EM Gigabit Ethernet
  • ATI Rage XL 8MB PCI graphic controller
  • 1 Floppy
  • 2 Fast UART 16550 serial ports
  • 1 ECP/EEP parallel port
  • Up to 4 USB ports
  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
PC Health Monitoring
  • Monitoring the voltages of the CPU core and the status of system power supply (+1.5V, +3.3V, + 5V, ±12V, VBAT) 
  • CPU/chassis temperature monitoring
  • CPU fan auto-off in sleep mode
  • CPU overheat LED header (front panel)
  • chassis intrusion detection (through LDCM) 
  • Support for system management software (LDCM)
Special Features
  • Wake-on-LAN allows for remote network management and configuration of the PC, even in off-hours when the PC is turned off. This reduces the complexity of managing a network.
  • Onboard 3-phase switching power regulator supports CPU core voltages from 1.1-1.85 volts
  • 4  tachometer fan connectors (for CPU, chassis, and thermal control fans)
  • Keyboard wake-up from Soft-off
  • CPU frequency settings - changeable by DIP switch
  • Connector for LED overheat indicator
  • Overheat backup fan connector for CPU protection
  • LDCM (LANDesk Client Manager)
  • LDSM (LANDesk Server Manager) option
  • Super Doctor software (optional)
  • DMI support
  • IPMI 1.5 support
BIOS Features
  • External modem remote ring-on when system is in Soft-Off state
  • BIOS rescue hot keys for rescuing BIOS chip from flash failure
  • Hardware BIOS virus protection
  • AMI 4Mb Flash ROM
Other Features
  • ACPI/APM power management
  • Internal/external modem ring-on
  • Control of power-on mode for recovery from AC power loss
  • One WOL (Wake-On-LAN) connector
  • One chassis intrusion header
  • CPU Thermal trip support
Chassis Compatibility
  • ATX Chassis
  • Chassis Guide
  • To ensure system stability, a 400W (minimum) ATX12V power supply (besides the 20 pins, both 4-pin and 8-pin +12v power connector) is required.
  • Please check Support for more details
Standard Retail Package
  • One SUPER X5DE8-GG mainboard
  • CPU heatsink retention and clips
  • 1 three-ended 80-wire/40-pin IDE UDMA/100 ribbon cable for high speed UDMA IDE devices
  • 1 floppy ribbon cable
  • 2 Fan-042 with heatsink
  • One BIOS/drivers CD

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